Vertical Chain Conveyor
Vertical Chain Conveyor
Yidu Huaxun Intelligent Conveyor Co.,Ltd is one of the toppest chain conveyor in China.During these years of exporting , Yidu Huaxun Intelligent Conveyor Co.,Ltd now has rich experience in the worldwide markets
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  • Chain conveyor which is suitable for powder, granular and small pieces horizontally or inclined (angle no more than 10 degree )transporting,it is widely used in cement, grain, coal, thermal power, metallurgy, chemical,The machine has good structure, good sealing performance, running smoothly,flexible process layout, multi-point feeding and multi-point unloading,This machine adopts roller chain as the traction parts,reducing the running resistance of the scraper chains,lower consumption,long distance is 100 meters,large volume is 700 M³/hour

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